Monday, December 27, 2010

Keeping Tabs

Ok for todays post (since I have a foot of snow outside that needs to be tended) we will talk about keeping tabs. When you order lots of samples and deals its a great idea to write it down. I bought a small day planner just for this. Every day I write what samples I ordered. When samples come in I write a red line under it to know I recieved it.

This book is a great way to keep track. I cant tell you how many companies will offer a product just to get your info and never send anything out. I email each of them after 3 months and ask that my name be taken off their lists. I get over a thousand emails a day so I can use the break. I also like to look back at what I have gotten for deals. As you can see I also keep track of the little ones cub scouts in there. You can also use it for coupons. When I see one of mine is soon to expire I clip it on that weeks calendar so that I see it daily and remember to use it. What other ways do you keep track of your deals? I would love to hear about it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Free Bag of Ruffles

Visit Ruffles on Facebook to ask for a free bag of Ruffles (a coupon by mail for 99 cents off a 99 cent bag) when you click the red “Get Bagged” button under the “Get Bagged” tab. You will need to grant permission to “Ruffles – Get Bagged” application. Thanks Freebies 4 Mom for posting. 

Rue La La Free Espresso Spoons

If you signed up for the Rue La La free credit (no longer available), use it up, it expires on 12/31. 

Today they have the ZWILLING “TWIN” Set of 8 Espresso Spoons on sale for only $9.00 (reg. $24.95), so it’s FREE after the credit!

The word is out so act quickly!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Queen Stac-E of Free Goodies

Ok its official! I've ordered some goodies from Vista Print. Here is a peek. Love Vista Print and their never ending supply of free stuff. The only problem I have ever had with their site is getting matching items. As you can see I managed to get a few that matched. Once these arrive there will be some giveaways!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

End of the Month

So as with any end of the month it is time to print off some coupons. At the begining of each month the coupon sites post all new coupons so if there are some you can use get to it.

Check out:
Smart Source

No More Rack

Get $10 credit and watch for a deal under $10. If I find one of course I'll let you know.

Free Baileys Creamers

I managed to get 2 free Baileys Creamers at Shaw's this week. I should have posted this earlier in the week. So here is the breakdown. Shaw's has 2/$4 on sale this week. If you printed your $1 coupons recently use 2 of those. Also Shaw's has the double coupons right now, up to $1.

So 2/$4 minus 2 $1off coupons and 2 $1double coupons equals FREE.

Mail Time

So yesterday was a GREAT mail day!

Sorry for the quality, again my phone stinks. So in the picture we have:
  • Redbook Magazine
  • Women's Day Magazine
  • Covergirl-two full size freebies-lipgloss and eyeshadow
  • Mariani Cinnomon Rasin Bread Rasins
  • 2011 Oriental Trading Callendar
  • And a coupon for a free Coke
I have to say I love getting my mail these days. What have you gotten? Send me a pic and I'll post yours too.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reader's Digest Free Recipe Book

Thanks to Freebies for Friends posting this.  Click here and enter UPC code 037000326946.

This recipe book has over 330 recipes that can be made in under 30 mins. I could use some fast recipes!

Bath and Body Works Daily Giveaway

Looks to be you can win a $1000 shopping spree. I cant imagine $1000 worth of Bath and Body stuff but hey maybe you can spread the wealth. I think I would have to buy for EVERY one of my friends and of course do some giveaways! Enter here and GOOD LUCK. If you dont win you can get a $10 off a purchase of $30 coupon.

New 21+ Daily Game

Select 55 (beer company) is having a daily giveaway game. Like them on Facebook and enter daily for prizes. Looks like a lot of $55 gift cards.

Free Yogurt!

Yoplait is giving away a free cup of yogurt. Sign up here for yours.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pictureka! Giveaway.

Ok so since I don't seem to be getting many followers, I am going to do a giveaway of my own. I recently posted about a great deal. Print a $5 off coupon from the Hasbro company site and you can get Pictureka! game free from Target.
I printed 2 coupons. Well I'm keeping one for our family game box and the other could be yours. Here's how we are going to do this giveaway.

Post one comment for each of your entries:

1. Follow this blog openly on GFC (google friend connect)
2. Tell me how the blog is going: what you like and or what you would like to see more of.
3. Suggest your friends follow this blog as well. If they follow have them comment with your name as who sent them. (you will get a small  surprise gift as well if their comment is picked) Post just one comment for yourself saying that you suggested this site to friends.

**Note: This contest is in no way affiliated with Hasbro company.**

Now lets get this blog hopping. Giveaway ends December 31st at 9 am. Winner will be pulled using and announced at noon on December 31st.

Some Random Money Saving Tips

Here are some tips I have read that I'd like to pass on to you:

  • Don't get rid of those old rubber bands girls. You now the type found on the mail or veggies. Did you know you can use them to help unscrew a stripped screw? Yep, put the rubber band over the head of the screwdriver and put the screwdriver into whats left of the notch. The rubber band fills in the missing and messed up areas. Presto your stripped screw is out.
  • Ok, so I'm sure many of you have fallen in love with the foaming hand soap dispensers. I personally use the automatic dispenser one. But if you are one that uses the foam, did you know you can cut the price of the refill? Just take some regular hand soap and mix with water in the bottle. The sprout actually automatically makes the foamy bubbles for you.
  • Want a quick and easy fire starter? Soak a few corks (from wine bottles) in rubbing alcohol. Then place under the logs and instant fire starter. I would suggest soaking for a couple of days before and taking them out right before using them.
  • Apparently most people use to much dish soap. A way to stop this and save some money is to put your dish soap in a spray bottle watered down. Just spray each dish with this solution and and wash as usual.
  • Do  you go through a lot of toilet paper or paper towels? Here's a quick tip: Squish the tube. Its that easy the non round tube will make you more aware of how much you use and you will use less.
  • Don't throw out your old candles. They actually make great pin cushions.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Excedrin-Free Bottles

Here are some coupons you can have sent to you for free Excedrin. Get these before they are gone!
Excedrin Migraine-Free
Excedrin Extra Strength-Free

Hasbro Coupons

Hasbro Games has $5 off coupons that are printable here. Looks like Walmart has Pictureka for $5 right now so you can use coupon #3 for that one. Also Target has Hungry Hungry Hippos for $4.99 use coupon #1 for that. If any others come up I will post right away. These will be great for Christmas presents.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Giveaway Extravaganza Round 2

If you didnt play last round maybe you can this time. I hope I'm not doing this last minute again. Im off and entering enjoy! Here is the link of course.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cheap Mailing Labels

Head here for $3 off Avery mailing labels. Frugal Living And Having Fun found these are walmart for $3.88. Use this and you have labels for just $.88.


Taking A Moment

Just wanted to take a moment and wish my best friend Caitlin a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Without your encouragement I would never have started this blog. And of course thanks for naming it. Sorry its a day late but you werent forgotten!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Disney Movie Rewards

If you have a Disney Movie Rewards account, head over to ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas Site. They are giving away 5 points per day. If you play all month that could be 125 extra points.


SwagGrabber Hourly Giveaways

SwagGrabber offically reached 4,000 FB fans. To celebrate she are doing hourly giveaways. Like them and join in. **This Giveaway Marathon is till 9pm (EST) but looks like she will do more tomorrow.
Gaggle of Chicks has great deals on the best products and services for moms and their families. Click here to check it out.
Sign up now and get $10 credit. Hurry this may not last long.

Tips to maximize coupon savings

Tip # 1: Plan Your Meals
    This is an easy way to make sure you are not buying unwanted items. I read a great idea to help with this as well. Clip your coupons to the recipes. Wish I had thought of this one. How great is it when you know you want to make something and pull out the recipe and hey theres coupons for the ingrediants. I think this will come in extreamly handy during the holiday season.

Tip # 2: Don't Want To Clip
    A lot of people HATE to clip coupons. I dont happen to be one of them. For those of you that don't heres your tip. Hold onto the coupons for about four weeks. Most stores put the items on sale about four weeks after the coupon is released. Bring the coupons with you and match them up clip as you go. I find that the envelope openers they have out there make great coupon clippers.

Tip # 3: Stay With Only One Supermarket
    This will help is several ways. One, when you plan your trip you learn how the store is layed out. Having the layout in mind you can make your list to follow it. This will help keep down those unwanted extra items. You all have done it before. Half way thru the store looking for one item your cart is almost full with "oh that looks good" items. If you are not searching up and down eisles for items you wont find the unwanted ones. Also sticking to one store you can log into their websites ahead of time and most stores now offer online printable coupons. These often match up with the sale items.

Tip # 4: Wow What A Great Deal
    When you see those coupons for $1 or more usually those are great coupons. If you clip these and wait a week or two you will find that these items tend to go on sale faster then others. So clip them and keep them handy sometimes you can find the best deal with some patience.

Tip # 5: Beware of Expirations
    A lot of companies are making their coupons expire faster. Some stores allow you to electronically attach your coupons to their loyalty cards. This will help so you dont have to worry about forgetting those coupons at home and having them expire. is the site to use. Not all stores have signed up for this yet but I see them doing so in the future.

Tip # 6: The Dreaded Counterfeit
    There are tons of sites out there that offer printable coupons. Make sure to stick to the manufacturere and retailer sites as well as reputable sites like and

These tips are great and of course if I find more you will be the first to know. Enjoy shopping but don't break the bank. :D

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A special invitation from Santa!

THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR THE PORTABLE NORTH POLE. This holiday season, help Santa Claus send a personalized video message to your loved ones, all the way from his Village at the North Pole!
Let me just tell you this is SO cute!!! This is a must see and its of course FREE.

Lowes Build and Grow Clinic

From the Lowes site:

"From project basics to giving your child the opportunity to say, "I built it!", our Build and Grow kid's clinics are a great way to help build confidence! Bring the kids into any Lowe's store and build a FREE wooden project. Each participant also receives a free apron, goggles, a project themed patch, and a certification of merit upon completion of their project."


I'm bringing my little one to try this out this week. Its a 3 part project that builds a train. The first week is this Saturday building a caboose. Then next week we will build a passanger car. I believe they will make the last part of the train on the following week but they have not released the date for it.

I cannot wait till I tell him we are going to build trains. They are his favorites.

So go sign up and build a train.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Entering some giveaways

Im entering last minute to these giveaways. The blogs that are with this are AWESOME so I will be reveiwing them all and posting about each. Just as soon as Im done entering of course.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Freebies 4 Mom Giveaway!!

From their email:

"Giveaway: Hefty Odor Block $50 Gift Card

Hefty provided Freebies 4 Mom with a $50 Walmart gift card plus Hefty waste bags coupons to give to one lucky reader to win. They also provided me with a package of their new Hefty CinchSak with Unscented Odor Block waste bags to try and I loved that they helped block odor in my kitchen trach can. If you would love to win this gift card then fill out the short form below to enter my giveaway.
Hefty likes to help consumers save money by offering high-value coupons.  Visit Hefty on Facebook to print two coupons to Save $1.00 on one Hefty Odor Block Kitchen Garbage Bags.  Just “Like” the Hefty Facebook page, then look under the “Coupon” tab to print two coupons .  Want to save even more on Hefty products? You can go to to print two more general coupons to Save $1.00 on one Hefty Waste Bags coupons (click on the “Household” category to find it quickly).
I love that the Hefty Odor Block technology takes care of odors without covering them up with fragrance.  I used to sometimes empty the kitchen trash before the bag was full because of odor, and since using Hefty Odor Block I have not done that.  Plus I no longer have problems with the trash bags tearing open thanks to Hefty’s strength.  So, next time I need to buy trash bags, I’m using my coupons to buy Hefty Odor Block because I’m happy with how this product performs in my kitchen.
Enter This Giveaway
You must complete the form below to enter this giveaway once per person. If you can’t view the entry form below click here (you may need to scroll down until you see this giveaway). If you still can’t view the form, please
email me with your name, answer the question below and use the subject line “Hefty Giveaway“. Please answer this question: What’s the most important product feature for your kitchen garbage bag to have?
Seu browser não suporta iframes.
Giveaway Guidelines and Disclosure
Hefty is providing the prize(s) for this giveaway at no cost to me. This giveaway is not administered or sponsored in any way by Hefty or its affiliates, but soley by Freebies 4 Mom. Any questions or comments regarding this promotion must be sent to Freebies 4 Mom and not to Hefty. I received a box of Hefty kitchen garbage bags as a thank you for hosting this giveaway. My product review is my honest opinion and is not reviewed or edited byHefty . For more information about how reviews and giveaways are conducted on Freebies 4 Mom, please read my Disclaimer, Disclosure, and Privacy Policy. The email addresses that I collect for this giveaway will only be used for the purpose of contacting the winner(s), and will never be sold or given to anyone. This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or older. You may enter only once per person. This giveaway will close Tuesday, November 23 at 11:59 pm (CT). I’ll announce the first name and first initial of the last name of the winner(s) in a new post the next day and contact the winner(s) by email. I will draw the names of the winner(s) by using the random number generator at from the eligible entries received. If a winner does not contact me within 72 hours by email, I will draw a new winner. The winner(s) will receive their prize directly from Freebies 4 Mom.
Good luck and remember that you need to complete the form above to enter this giveaway. You are welcome and encouraged to post comments here, but comments will not be considered as entries in this giveaway. Just for fun, please leave a comment and: What’s the most important product feature for your kitchen garbage bag to have?
Thanks for entering and come back after Tuesday, November 23 to find out who won, or visit my Winners section under the “Giveaways” category in the menu bar. "

Now go give some love and win something :D

Couponers United Giveaway

GIVEAWAY: $10 Starbucks Card OR Dunkin Donuts Card! winners choice. To Enter, leave a comment below letting me know your fave coffee drink. Second entry, post about this giveaway on YOUR facebook page, with this link: , then leave another comment letting me know you did. BONUS: If ...I reach 4300 "likers" by tomorrow I will choose TWO winners instead of ONE!


General Mills Pssst... Network

From their website:

"Pssst…is all about some of the best known food and consumer brands in the country. If you would like to receive news about new products (and even samples and coupons from time to time), you can become a member.
Pssst… also offers a behind-the-scenes look at General Mills and occasionally an opportunity to give your opinion about products and initiatives. Pssst… is fun and it’s free to Join."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black Friday

Since Thanksgiving is next week, I might as well post some black friday info. Enjoy! Is anyone actually going out for it? Send in pics of your goodies. :D

Black Friday

Class Action Suits

Did you know that some these class actions (if you qualify) can get you freebies. Things like free makeup, a discounted membership or even money back! I never knew that. So I checked out the site. It looks simple enough follow the guildlines and, again if you qualify, fill in the claim forms. Once done submit and sit back. Way to easy. You may not qualify for all but I'm sure there will be plenty for you to claim.

Check out Top Class Actions.

What is you ask? ChaCha is a service that you can text or call, with questions, anytime for free. Answers come within minutes via text reply.
Become a ChaCha Guide. You must be 18 years or older and speak English. You will also need to be able to work in the U.S and have high-speed internet. To be successful you need great writing skills. As a guid you earn per answer you search. There are 4 job titles you can apply for. There is the transcriber which gets $.03 per voicemail transcribed. The Expeditor can earn $.02 per answer and corrected text. The Generalists and Specialists can make $0.10 and $0.20 for each answer. You can not make a living working for chacha but some extra spending cash is always nice. You can make your own hours. Log in whenever you have free time. ChaCha does not directly employee you. You will be considered an independent contractor.
I registered for this last night and let me tell you, they dont just let anyone in. You are given training and have to be tested just to apply. Once you make it through all of this, then you will be able to answer questions and make money.
"Simply text your question to 242242 (spells ‘ChaCha’) or call 1-800-2ChaCha (800-224-2242) from your mobile phone to ask any question. What are you waiting for? Ask away!"

Not only is this a freebie service but you also can make money off of becoming a guide. WIN/WIN

DarcusTori Jewelry

Just got my email for more free jewelry from Darcus Tori. Here it is:


Genuine Turquoise Heart Earrings.
Cost: $0.00 after coupon
Regular Price: $26.95
Turquoise Heart Shaped Earrings

Add Earrings to Shopping Cart
Use Coupon Code 0704 on Checkout page.

Follow this link:

Limit 3 per customer please.


Yellow Citrine Square Stud Earrings
Regular Price: 59.95
After Coupon: FREE

Add Necklace to Shopping Cart
Use Coupon Code 0801 on Checkout Page

Follow this link:
Limit 3 Per Customer

And here are the ones I got last time:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Barrilla Pasta Daily Win Game

Barilla's Pasta Fridays Sweepstakes

Choose to share a meaningful meal with family or friends and you could win a FREE pasta meal! Every week is a new chance to win.

With every click, Barilla will donate $1 to Meals On Wheels Association of America, up to $150,000.

**If you're a winner, we'll notify you by email. Come back next week and choose to have another meaningful meal for another chance to win.**

Cheerios Instant Win Game

Sign up for $4 in instant savings and a chance to win a FREE box of Cheerios. They are giving away 50,000 prizes. Let me know if you win!

Contest open till 12/31/10. 148 winners daily.

**Over the coming weeks you will receive 4 emails each with a $1 coupon.
If you win a free box of Cheerios® cereal, you will be notified by mail
in the next 6-8 weeks. **

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hershey's Drops Instant Win Game

New instant win game for Hershey's.
From the site:
Everyone can enjoy the happiness in HERSHEY’S Drops starting in December, but you can be the first today! See if you are one of the instant winners and be entered for the Grand Prize: HERSHEY’S Drops for a year!

Instant Wins

Every day, during the promotion, we will give away 80 free bags of HERSHEY’S Drops! You can log in daily, for a chance to win instantly.

Grand Prize

One lucky winner will receive HERSHEY’S Drops for a year, and that winner could be you! By simply logging in, you could experience a whole year of A LOT OF HERSHEY’S HAPPINESS IN A LITTLE DROP.

What are HERSHEY’S Drops?

A LOT OF HERSHEY’S HAPPINESS IN A LITTLE DROP. Enjoy the bite-size goodness of HERSHEY’S, without a candy shell and without the mess. They are perfect for snacking and sharing. PURE HERSHEY’S HAPPINESS – ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. HERSHEY’S Drops are available in Milk Chocolate and Cookies ‘n’ Crème.

Right @ Home

This is a great one sign up and once a month you will get an email with coupons and an entry for the monthly give away.

Heres what I won:

My Coke Rewards

If you drink Coke products you may want to join My Coke Rewards. Coke brands include Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dasani, Powerade, Minute Maid, Fanta, VAULT, Barq's, Fresca, Pibb, and Mello Yellow. My Coke Rewards is a program where you collect points by purchasing and entering codes on caps or packages of Coke products. You can enter the codes at, or text message the code to COKE (2653).
I bring this one up because I have been a member for a while now and just won a free (not even a point needed) bottle of coke. :D The one catch with this is you HAVE to put in at least one code every month in order to keep your balance. Its not hard to do, I get the occasional Sprite and pop in the code. Some of the gifts are high cost but if your a soda drinker it shouldnt take you that long.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Free Helpful Apps

There are TONS of free apps out there. The following is a list of ones I myself have researched and am enjoying. I do not have an Iphone but I do have the Ipod Touch. There are others that work for the Iphone but these will work on both.

I Love Free Things- Just like their website but now you have updates right on your Ipod. Keep up with freebie offers even when your not home.

Giftbox Holiday Shopping List- Keep track of who you buy for and what you buy them easily. This is a good way to not over buy for someone. It gives you a place to list what you have purchased for each person. I also note next to each item where I have hid the present. I'm beyond forgetful. This will save on searching last minute for your hiding place.

Free Stuff Times- Just like the I Love Free Things app. Never miss another freebie or sample again. When your in a store and you see a great deal but you think to yourself "is this cheaper online" look no further then your trusty Ipod. You can quickly check the rate online (think shipping as well) and deside if the deal is best.

Ask Dave Ramsey- From what I have gathered on this app, its a call in show that discusses different money saving ideas. This app has audio clips of the answers and also written out versions. You can search by topic to narrow your question/answers.

Yard Sale Mapper- Now where was this app this past summer! This thing is AMAZING. It takes all of the craigslist yardsales and puts them at your fingertips and get this they are all on a map. Never will I again spend a whole day mapping out the best route for hitting the most yard sales. Also when you click on the yard sale you are heading for it gives you a look at their ad.

The Better Buy- If you are like me you have stood in front of a large amount of product in a store and wondered to yourself "is it better to buy this for this or that for that". Well rack you brain no more! This app is just great. Here is the explaination from Coupon Cravings:
"Here’s how it works. If you have the prices for two comparable items, just enter the price and the quantity (e.g., 24 cans, 12 rolls, 14.5 oz, etc.) for the first item, then the same for the second item. In a flash, The Better Buy will tell you which is the better deal.
I especially like this app because many times I’ll be at the grocery store planning to buy the larger bottle of ketchup or dishwasher detergent but then will notice that the smaller bottle is marked down. No longer will I need to try to figure out the math in my head, The Better Buy will be able to tell me on the spot which one I should purchase."

Sale Saver- This is like The Better Buy. When your out shopping and you dont know what the price of something would be after the % off, this app will do the work for you. You can even set the sales tax so you get the REAL price.

Yoink- This is like the mobile version of freecycle. Its new so you may not have as many free things as freecycle or free on craigslist. I'm sure this will take off with the amount of Ipod and Iphone users out there! On my first try there were 3 listed.

Wi-Fi Finder- This one is great for someone like me who has the Ipod Touch not the Iphone. It locates free and paid Wi-Fi.

Well those look to be the best ones. If any others are located of course I'll post them. If you know of one please dont hesitate to tell me I missed it. Thanks!!

Today I will be away kind of...

Today will be a very slow post day. I'm doing some research on apps that help with freebies, samples and getting the best deals. Tomorrow or MUCH later tonight I hope to post. The list is long so far but don't fret it will be worth the wait. I promise

Get Your Friends Involved!

Theres a great deal going right now so PLEASE send me your email address in a message and I will send you the link. Then send it on to your friends to get yourself one! :) Email me at with the subject "$25 Amazon Card"

Get $25 Amazon gift card when you invite 15 friends. Only friends that register before 12/20/2010 will be eligible. You will receive the $25 gift card by email as so...on as 15 friends are eligible. Gift Cards

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This is a great site for freebie although you have to pay shipping (not to expensive). The only problem I have had with their company is that they send you emails ALL the time. Check out Vistaprint for free business printing and personal printing projects. Here are some that I have gotten so far:

 Jewelry labels for my handmade jewelry

 Jewelry business cards for my handmade jewelry
and last but certainly not least is the gag gift I made for my BF.

Im working on getting some free t-shirts, pens and other goodies for giveaways on this site. Stay tuned! :D