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Sunday, January 1, 2012

imPRESS Press-On Manicure

I got a chance to review the Broadway imPRESS Press-On Manicure. Here is my review:
This product is great for anyone with the shorter flatter finger nails. My nails unfortunately are long and rounded so it was quite a process to get them on. I cut my natural nails down as far as possible and attached with ease. I love that all you do is peel the backs off and press them on. They lasted about 6.5 days. Not bad for someone who types for a living. I LOVE the color (Lil' Drummer Girl). I've always favored the wild and crazy style. I hope they come out with these in a little longer style. I would try them again if they did. Check them out on Facebook.

How you would you like to win a Broadway im-PRESS Press-On coupon?

Two ways to get an entry. Leave me a comment or Send a friend to follow my blog (make sure they say you sent them). Drawing with take place on January 15, 2012 between 8pm and 10pm.

 Stay tuned for more reviews coming up and possibly more give aways


Have you ever wanted to test new products? Do you have an opinion and love to share it. Well its time to sign up for Influenster. I'm currently testing the Holiday VoxBox. Heres what I got in it:

There is Softsoap Coconut scrub, Lara Bar Sample, Mentos Gum, NYC Lip Shine, Broadway Im-press press on nails, and a Montagne Jeunesse Peel off Masque.

Off to start writing up my reviews keep watching there may be prizes coming soon!

Couple factoids to help you save

Some new interesting factoids to add to this blog:

Did you know you can use an extra Styrofoam or plastic cup to make a sifter? I know I have these around all the time and don’t own a sifter so ill be trying this out. Just poke small holes with a thumb tack or needle and there you go.
Did you know that the supermarket deals 10 for $10 typically are not even a sale? Most are regular priced. Make sure to check the unit price before you purchase to see if it’s worth stocking up on.
As we all know you should eat before you go grocery shopping. But did you know that its not just because we will buy more items. Actually you will also be more willing to spend more for that food. Yikes!!! This is why I tend to carry some kind of snack in my purse.
As most of  you know since its how you found me join Facebook. Its not just for finding friends and family anymore. You can also like your favorite stores, brands and much, much more. Once you like them you will be let in on all their promotions and sometimes even GIVEAWAYS!!

Did you know that if you misplace your rebate form for an item you can grab one from

Thats all for now. As always feel free to email me tips and tricks you use to save money