Friday, June 22, 2012

How I Prepare for a Walmart Match-Up Trip

First you must go to my favorite place to get Walmart under $1

Second Print the Under $1 list. You will use this to keep track of everything as you are searching.

Next go through your binder and match up the coupons. If I dont have the matching coupon I cross it off the list. If I have a matching I write how many of that coupon I have next to the list.
After I have located a set of coupons I clip a sticky with info on the coupons and put them in an envelope.

After I've went through the whole list I go back and add up what my total cost for the trip will be by using the number of coupons times the price from the list. This give me an idea what my budget will be. When I get to the store if the price does NOT match up I will only get the item if its within a $.10 difference. This saves me from killing the budget to much. Hope this helps. And once you get the hang of it there is also a site for Target lovers as well.