Friday, May 11, 2012

April 26th Haul

This is was a one store trip (very rare for me)

4 Boxes Milk Bites-On Sale for $2.99-had a coupon for $.75 that the store doubles making them $1.49 each
5 Jolly Rancher 20oz drinks-$1 each
2 Coke Zero 1liters-Free from last months CAT deal on Pepsi Next products
7 Voskos Greek Yogurts-Won a week of yogurts on their facebook page a while back
2 Crystal lights- On sale $1.99- had 2 $1/1 coupons from their facebook giveaways making them $.99 each
1 Zone Perfect bar-Free from facebook giveaway
Hotdog buns-Next day clearance rack-$.50
5 CoffeeMates-One free from facebook giveaway and had 2 of the BOGO coupons for the other 4

Total for this trip before coupons...$56 after
coupons and sales $19

 all purchased at:

Diabetic Meters

Did you know that these come out free A LOT?

This one was a deal at CVS. They were on sale for $10 and there was a printable coupon for them. There are no diabetic in my family (thankfully) so when I purchase these I bring them to my local Elderly Care center. They are always in need of these so I'm glad I can help out.

Have you ever gotten a great deal on something you wouldn't use and donated it?
Makes you feel all squishy inside! :D

May 9th-10th 2012 Haul

Two days of running between apointments and this is what I got.

Grand total for two day shopping:
38 Pepsi Next 2 Liters
20 Sun Drop 2 Liters
2 nutellas
1 lb Deitz and Watson deli cheese
1 Ragu sauce
1chicken pot pie
1 package of rolls
1/2lb steak tips
and 2 lbs boneless turkey breast...
all for $43.26

Heres the break down:
38 Pepsi Next 2 Liters- Regular priced at $.99 at Walgreens-There was a $1/2 coupon in this months Moments insert. I went online and purchased more of these since this is my new favorite drink
20 Sun Drop 2 Liters-Regular priced at $1.25 at Walmart-Used the $1/1 coupon. These did not come out in my area so they were also purchased online.
2 nutellas-On Sale for $2.79 at Rite aid(regular price was $4.29) There was a printable coupon for $1/1 which didnt last long on
1 lb Deitz and Watson deli cheese-$7.99lb at Shaws-Shaws gave away freebie coupons this week
1 Ragu sauce-Regular priced $2.79 at Shaws-Shaws gave away freebie coupons this week
1chicken pot pie- Regular priced $6.79-Had a $3 off meat department coupon
1 package of rolls-Regular $3.99- Was on the next day clearence for $1.90
1/2lb steak tips-Regular priced $2.37-Had a $1 off meat department coupon
and 2 lbs boneless turkey breast-Regular priced $5.89-Had a $2 off meat department coupon

Total before coupons was...$103.92 making it a savings of $60.66 thats over 58%

Many Posts

Over this weekend I will be doing many posts to try to catch up with the deals I've done and some new tips Ive learned. Be patient with me its been a while!